It is sunday, it is cold & rainy and I am on my period. There is no better cure for that than eating sweets, like macarons!
I purchased some yesterday by the store, curious if they are that good as they seem. And yes, they really are! I mean okay, I haven't tried the REAL ones yet that you have to buy in france but anyways..
These little things are quite sweet so one or two will keep you satisfied for a long time.

Trying snails

Yup, you read correctly: I have tried eating snails today! Because John came up with the idea that I should try something new (because I like to do that time to time).
As it started to be dinner time we toasted some bread and put the snails with garlic butter in the oven for 10 min. Then we took them out from the shell and put it on the bread.
My thoughts about this? Well, the taste is not bad, it's actually non-existent and the texture reminds me of mushrooms but chewier. This is really not my thing but I can see why it can be tasty for some people.

You go Hot Coco!

It is fall time: Bad weather, darker times, warmer clothes and having a cold. John has already caught the cold, I however haven't, but doubt I will get away from it. 
Even though it may be dark and hard times now, I am still going to enjoy my hot chocolates!

Cinderella's chocolate shoe

A few months back I got this gorgeous chocolate shoe from John's Mom on valentines day. It was probably a size 32 or 34, not too big so I could wear it.
I feel like the Cinderella's evil sister who desperatly want to put it on and make it fitYeah okay, this one is not meant for wearing, it is for eating of course! But I would seriously not mind having this pattern on a "real" shoe.

John's birthday cake

I never had a chance to show you John's birthday cake I made for him for about 5 months ago.
It was my first cake I have ever done by myself completely. Okay, I cheated a little with using box cake (since I didn't have any measurement cups) but otherways it was a basic cake with strawberry jam, lemon curd, cream and hand-rolled marsipan (that didn't looked so pretty in the end).
The cake was science themed with atoms and equations, as would be his taste. To my surprise he liked it very much since he hadn't had a cake like this before.
At that moment all my hours in the kitchen was totally worth it just to make someone happy for his birthday. 
20 candles for a 20th birthday

Green Tea

When you finally think the hot summer is on its way in Belgium with temperatures over 20 degrees, it starts raining! It has been raining non stop for a whole week and I have started to wear warmer clothes and blankets to keep myself from getting a cold. 
With having a reason to stay inside I decided to try out a new drink I have seen in different places on the internet (it seem to be very popular in USA).
So what do I think about Arizona's Original Green tea with honey? To be honest, it wasn't really my cup of tea (haha, get it? since it is ice tea? oh okay..) It tastes like 'Ice tea' but without the fizz/bubbles and is also very sweet. The only thing I really liked was the cover of the bottle.
But if you like some sort of ice tea, I am sure you will add this to your favorites!

Home ticket booked!

Aaand there! The flight ticket home is booked!
First there will be a little stop at my cousins for the celebration of my aunt but after that home is the final destination.
 I feel excited to go home, yet where I live now is also my home. But things will be great, I know it. These cookies tell me so too! :)


Sometimes I think I should lower my sugar intake and try to only eat sweets in the weekends (I think I have gotten a little too addicted to it actually). However baking is so fun and you can make it look so pretty!
Well, except the thing that I made today, it look more like a molded cake, haha! (It tasted really good though, even if the vanilla cream had "disappeared" in to the cinnamon roll.)
It is supposed to be sort of cinnamon rolls but with vanilla cream and marsipan filling that you then squish together in a pan. In other words, "Butterkaka" like we call it in swedish.
You can find the recipe here (Swedish text only)


The last couple of days I have dragged myself to do something with my life and not only just sit around. Getting to the gym has been a challenge and I think it will stay in that way for another couple of weeks before I will start to enjoy it. 
But today I have really done nothing. Tried to eat some chocolate to get some energy but nope, I am still a couchpotato..
Tasty chocolatebar though..

Pizza time!

After coming home from the gym today I threw myself on the couch and didn't move for the rest of the day.
I don't know why but I feel so incredible tired and hungry on everything that is unhealthy right now.
Because of all this, we decided to order pizza from Pizza Hut that delivers to our door. Oh, the luxery! 
Pizzas: Hamburger, Chicken twist (with an amazing garlic saus) and Zalmon.


This my friends, is a Cronut.
Cronut is a new invention from America (surprised?) by a guy called Dominique Ansel living in New York.
 It is a mash up between a Croissant and a Donut filled with custerd inside and icing on the top. The cronut is deep-fried so the calorie intake is up to 500 kcal! 
I am quite curious making this.. looks just as deadly good as the apple snow white had.
Recept: Hemlagade Cronuts
Here is the Source I found it from.
And here is the Recipie for you who would like to give it a try.
DISCLAIMER! The source + recipie is unfortunally only in swedish.


Cakepops are really so easy to do and it barely takes any time to make them either.
This is what you need:
Philadelphia cheese
Cake of your choice
Sticks (I used barbeque sticks that I cut in half)
I had a "left-over" cake that I used so the measuring of the ingredients is just a guess.
Start with crumbling your cake by dividing the cake in two and shred them to each other.
It should look something like this.
Add the Philadelphia to the cake and mix it with your hands. Start with little Philadelphia at first, everything should just get combined to a settled "dough".
Start shaping them into balls and put them later in the freezer for 30 min to firm up. Then re-roll them for the nice round finish.
Dip the sticks in chocolate and put them halfway in the cakepops. Then put it in the freezer again for another 10 min. This will help the cakepops to stay on the sticks when you cover them in chocolate.
Dip and roll them in chocolate and tap the access off by tapping it on the stick. Sprinkle over your favorite sprinkels over the cakepops! ♥
Good luck!

The evolution of The Smörgåstårta!

Yesterdays fun was placed in the kitchen making a Sandwich cake aka Smörgåstårta!
It was so much fun making it, I love being creative and it is even more fun if you can share your result with someone. So here is ALOT of pictures explaining step by step over how I did it.
I want to thank my mom for sending with me some swedish goodies! If it wasn't for you I couldn't make and enjoy these wonderful things! ♥

Swedish breakfast

Sorry once again for not posting something for a while, but I have been relaxing and thinking over what I should do with my life. I'll explain that little later today..
What I actually wanted to say in this blogpost is that we (at least I am) are enjoying a nice swedish breakfast that includes Norrgott (swedish butter) and caviar . Oh Yum.. John however does not fancy it that much so he complains about how much it stinks instead ;)
And yes it is some cakepops in the background, I will post that also later!


If there is something I never get bored doing, it's cooking! New ideas come up everyday and some are very impulsive, which I like. Maybe I should start writing down my recipes so I can do them again later in life and maybe even share it with you! ;)
This is some nice carbonara with capellini (not spagehetti) me and John made last night. For you who don't know: Capellini is alot thinner than spaghetti and also has the chance to get more sticky. Therefore it is great when it comes to runny sauces.

Ketchup chips

Under vissa perioder kan jag längta så mycket efter svensk mat eller svensk kultur. Enligt Johns åsikter om svensk mat är att vi svenskar äter/dricker ketchup och mjölk till allt, oavsett vilken tid det är på dagen.
När jag funderade på det så har han faktiskt rätt, det är det vi gör! But oh my, it's so tasty!
I varje fall, orsaken till varför jag tog upp det här är för att en utav smakerna de säljer på chipshyllan (här i Belgien såklart) är ketchup. Första gången jag fick reda på det fick det mig att rynka på näsan, men när jag fick smaka på dom var det helt oemotståndliga!
Tastes like non salty potatochips dipped in ketchup
Dock så tror jag om jag hade varit hemma i Sverige hade jag nog inte valt dom här chipsen. Jag äter säkert nog med ketchup till maten hursomhelst, haha ;)


Under gårdagens lunch stog jag och John framför skylskåpet och funderade på vad vi kunde hitta på att äta.
Våran konversation gick ungefär till såhär:
R: Hmm.. what do have here.. we have some bolognese (köttfärsås).
J: AWESOME! *looking at the pot with bolognese* aaw, but it's not enough to both of us if we are going to make some pasta with it too.
R: Yea, true.. but we some pancakes. That should be enough for both of us?
J: Haha, maybe we should put on some bolognese on the pancakes?
R: What a great idea!
J: Ehrm.. what? Are you serious?
R: Of course! We can make it like Crêpes! We just put som cheese on, some onions and maybe something else!
J: Wow.. this is so weird.. and swedish!
Jag kunde inte låta bli att skratta lite åt det - är vara lite fantasirik och kreativ med mat ett typiskt svenskt beteende?
Det kan vara så att det är min familj som är lite initiativrik när det kommer till att laga mat och att vi använder mottot; man tager vad man haver. Vissa gånger blir det en stor succé eller en katastrof.
Några andra saker han finner konstigt med oss svenskar är att vi har ketchup till allting, gör matpajer (han är bara van vid dessertpaj), äter pankakor/plättar till middag (de äter det enbart som efterrätt), o.s.v.
Nästa vecka blir det till att göra tacopaj! Så vi får se hur det går och om John tycker om det. ;)

Club sandwich

Här i belgien är det vanligt att man äter mackor eller soppa till lunch, varje dag! Fast de varierar mycket på vad de har på mackan. Skinka, olika sorters salami, ost (tyvärr bara tjocka upskivade gouda), mjukostar och röror med skinka, kycklig m.m.
Vad som är lite tråkigt är att de inte har någon sallad eller något riktigt smör på mackan. Det är osaftiga och osötade bröd med en skinkbit på. Nej, det är inte vad jag kallar för en macka!
Men det finns en macka som är lite mer annorlunda och mer lyxigare i deras ögon. Har ni någonsin hört talas om Club sandwich? Den består av: ost, skinka, tomat, gurka, sallad, majonäs och bröd så klart. Vissa gånger kan det vara väldigt gott, men tyvärr är jag ändå inte så imponerad av deras pålägg. ^^
The muffin is bought on the supermarket, not so impressed,
however I liked the chocolatmilk!
Jag kanske får öppna mig en egen restaurang som erbjuder svensk mat och fika när jag är så bortskämd med det, haha! ;)


Ja, nu har jag faktiskt gjort ett försök angående Brésilienne tårtan! Både mamma har frågat om receptet och Johns mamma ville att jag skulle göra den eftersom hon hade köpt hem ingredienserna. Dock vet jag inte riktigt om det var jag eller hon som gjorde den, jag fick mest titta på bara, haha.
Resultatet av tårtan blev väl sådär; den blev inte lika söt och god som den egentligen är. Jag tror att det kan ha att göra att jag inte gjorde allting från grunden och att ingredienserna var inte riktigt var rätt.
Vad som är intressant med folk här är att de tror att de har gjort något från grunden när de redan har använt färdig pajdeg, grädde, fylling, etc. Tänk vilka olika världar vi lever i.. svenskar brukar ju generellt inte ha så mycket fritid men gör ändå det mesta från grunden!
Jag har i varje fall tänkt göra ett nytt försök med den här "bakelsen", fast från grunden. Om det blir ett lyckat resultat tänker jag lägga upp receptet på bloggen!
Kan knappt vänta tills jag får lägga upp fler recept på maträtter och efterrätter som jag har provat!


God eftermiddag!
Nu på morgonen steg jag och John lite tidigare för att vi skulle hinna till marknaden som alltid brukar vara varje fredag. Den brukar betså av frukt-, fisk-, kött-, bröd-, ost- kläd- och blomstånd. Just idag så gick vi enbart för att köpa oss några donuts till lunchen eftersom vi har varit sugna så länge nu.
Det roliga är att det är egentligen bara äldre människor som går till den här lilla marknaden när det ändå inte har något bättre för sig, så det blir några huvuden som kollar efter oss i undran varför vi är just där när vi är så "unga". Nåja, alla är så trevliga där och maten är även i toppklass!
Today's lunch, except the candy ofc.

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