Letter to Grandma

So last friday I finally finished my letter to grandma that actually should have been done a month before. Hour after hour I was busy with it. I wanted it to be perfect. Yet it was just a letter. 
I hope this will not get lost somewhere since I send her a little gift, a little blue scarf in matter in fact for her birthday (even though it is late). Better late than never!

Journal completed

Now my notepads are completed and I am so pleased with the result.
For a long time I have had no idea what to do with this journal since it is a bit special, but now it is going to fullfill it's purpose by being my exercise notepad!
The journal in it's completed form.


I am starting to get really motivated with my weekly workouts, so today I was thinking: 'why not record them all to see my progress?' 
So what I did was I took a journal (that I didn't know what to do with anyways) and started to decorate the cover so it would be more personal. And Voilà! Now it has this cute layout that I can't wait to use!
And here we have the before and after!
The life I am living right now is the way I have always dreamt of living. Now I have the time to be creative in Photoshop, crafting, cooking, photographing and so on. But except all that I think I have found my interest of exercising entertaining/fun like I have wished for over 7 years.
"Good things will happen for those who wait."