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Tess visiting Belgium

Since I don't have anything fresh to talk about or show, I am going to show you a short sum up on what we did.
Typical street in Brussels.
To the left: A central part in Brussels called De brockeré.
To the right: Famous old market called Grand Place.
Brussels has a lot of beautiful buildings.
To the Left:  Also the statues is very well made.
To the right: Guard (not sure what he is guarding)
I went a little bit crazy on my waffle topping. This was also our lunch that was more stuffing than you think.
To the right: Restaurant street.
To the left: Belgium is surely known for it's magnificent chocolate.
To the right: Church called Cathédrale St Michel & Gudule.
To the left: On our way to eat!
We went to a plase called Cheesecake Café. The cheesecakes is not super good but the enterior is very cozy and the staff is friendly. They also have great food for a decent price!
Tess stands for the photographing for these pictures.

Longing home

The more I think over how close it is until I will go to sweden, the more I want to go. I want to meet my whole family again and re-experience swedish coulture. 
Going through my pictures, like I always do, I found pictures of Hubbe. Oh, if I could I would bring him here or get my own cat so I wouldn't feel so alone. 

Cinderella's chocolate shoe

A few months back I got this gorgeous chocolate shoe from John's Mom on valentines day. It was probably a size 32 or 34, not too big so I could wear it.
I feel like the Cinderella's evil sister who desperatly want to put it on and make it fitYeah okay, this one is not meant for wearing, it is for eating of course! But I would seriously not mind having this pattern on a "real" shoe.

I need a haircut

I have come to a point where I have started to really enjoy the long hair that I have right now. I mean okay, I do want to have a liiiittle longer than I have now. Like the length on the pictures here, but curly. 
Next summer, it will be PERFECT!
The hair is still in a very dry condition though, so I need to cut a little bit off. Aaaand since I am at the hairdresser anyways I have had ideas in doing something different with it. Perhaps hombre? Or a popping colour? 
Pictures taken from the party, last saturday

Letter to Grandma

So last friday I finally finished my letter to grandma that actually should have been done a month before. Hour after hour I was busy with it. I wanted it to be perfect. Yet it was just a letter. 
I hope this will not get lost somewhere since I send her a little gift, a little blue scarf in matter in fact for her birthday (even though it is late). Better late than never!

Big party

Yesterday my internet didn't wanted to work at all so I could post the pictures from the party. So let's just do it now shall we? 
Ps. I wanted to leave out the pictures of the other people as much as possible because it is a bit personal. Hope you understand!

Birthday - Katy Perry

This is one of my songs that I constantly have on replay and start dancing to like crazy. Also, this video is so funny with Katy perry where she dresses up as different people attending to birthday parties and let just say that she is not being the best entertainer..
 The love I have for Katy Perry and her music. ♥
Speaking of birthday, tomorrow I am going over to celebrate John's grandpa's birthday. A lot a people is coming so I need to dress up in something cool. Yes, the summer is back here in Belgium! Almost got sunburned today because it is so hot.
And in two more weeks I am going to celebrate my aunt. WOHO!

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John's birthday cake

I never had a chance to show you John's birthday cake I made for him for about 5 months ago.
It was my first cake I have ever done by myself completely. Okay, I cheated a little with using box cake (since I didn't have any measurement cups) but otherways it was a basic cake with strawberry jam, lemon curd, cream and hand-rolled marsipan (that didn't looked so pretty in the end).
The cake was science themed with atoms and equations, as would be his taste. To my surprise he liked it very much since he hadn't had a cake like this before.
At that moment all my hours in the kitchen was totally worth it just to make someone happy for his birthday. 
20 candles for a 20th birthday

Green Tea

When you finally think the hot summer is on its way in Belgium with temperatures over 20 degrees, it starts raining! It has been raining non stop for a whole week and I have started to wear warmer clothes and blankets to keep myself from getting a cold. 
With having a reason to stay inside I decided to try out a new drink I have seen in different places on the internet (it seem to be very popular in USA).
So what do I think about Arizona's Original Green tea with honey? To be honest, it wasn't really my cup of tea (haha, get it? since it is ice tea? n..no? oh okay..) It tastes like 'Ice tea' but without the fizz/bubbles and is also very sweet. The only thing I really liked was the cover of the bottle.
But if you like some sort of ice tea, I am sure you will add this to your favorites!

Funny cats

I don't think I am going to say much about this post, more than I love cats. Is it obvious? ;)
The existential Cat with his existential Duck
The Existential Cat with His Existential Duck
The Upside-Down Faucet Drinker
The Upside-Down Faucet Drinker
The Cat with Buns
The Cat with Buns
The Couch Potato
The Couch Potato
The Balloon Popper
The Balloon Popper
The World's Worst Nap
The World's Worst Nap
The World's Best Nap
The World's Best Nap
The Simple Pleasure
The Simple Pleasure
The Quitter
The Quitter
The World's Cutest Kitten
The World's Cutest Kitten
The Commander
The Commander
The Creepy Sitter
The Creepy Sitter
The Kitten Pushing an Even Smaller Kitten in a Tiny Shopping Cart
The Kitten Pushing an Even Smaller Kitten in a Tiny Shopping Cart
For more photes click here.

Home ticket booked!

Aaand there! The flight ticket home is booked!
First there will be a little stop at my cousins for the celebration of my aunt but after that home is the final destination.
 I feel excited to go home, yet where I live now is also my home. But things will be great, I know it. These cookies tell me so too! :)


Sometimes I think I should lower my sugar intake and try to only eat sweets in the weekends (I think I have gotten a little too addicted to it actually). However baking is so fun and you can make it look so pretty!
Well, except the thing that I made today, it look more like a molded cake, haha! (It tasted really good though, even if the vanilla cream had "disappeared" in to the cinnamon roll.)
It is supposed to be sort of cinnamon rolls but with vanilla cream and marsipan filling that you then squish together in a pan. In other words, "Butterkaka" like we call it in swedish.
You can find the recipe here (Swedish text only)

Old photo

I found this picture while I was sortating my pictures (my memory disk is so full so I can barely work on my computer anymore) and when I looked up the date on it, it was from spring 2006!!
I was only 13 and about turning 14 that summer.
Wow.. I haven't change a thing these last couple years have I?

Miss you siss!

This is two sisters in their natural habitat.. or? ;)
(This was one of the best pictures we had together, so then you can guess how the other turned out.)
Anyways, it was awhile ago since this was taken, but it doesn't mean that I have forgotten about how fun we had. So basically what I wanted to say is, thank you Tess for coming over it was a lot of fun!
Hope the rest of you can come and visit me soon too! :)