John's birthday cake

I never had a chance to show you John's birthday cake I made for him for about 5 months ago.
It was my first cake I have ever done by myself completely. Okay, I cheated a little with using box cake (since I didn't have any measurement cups) but otherways it was a basic cake with strawberry jam, lemon curd, cream and hand-rolled marsipan (that didn't looked so pretty in the end).
The cake was science themed with atoms and equations, as would be his taste. To my surprise he liked it very much since he hadn't had a cake like this before.
At that moment all my hours in the kitchen was totally worth it just to make someone happy for his birthday. 
20 candles for a 20th birthday

Anonym säger:

Wow ma

Svar: tack! kul att du gillade den! :)
Rebecca Nyman

2014-05-12 | 23:09:16

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