Kittens on the Beat

Are you wondering why you are missing socks in your drawer? Check out this video to find out how! You are going to be wanting a cat after this.
Okay, I am just kidding with you, but the video is kind of cool! I dunno why but I can watch it over and over again. Maybe I am amazed by how cool the animation, the slow motion effects and of course, the cats ;)

Christmas shopping

Tramstation in Montgomery
Pheuw, I just stepped in to our apartment and trough myself on the couch with some aching feet. I shouldn't complain too much because the day was awesome!
I got to do all the christmas shopping within 3 hours, we got to have a break with something to drink, we had time to see The hobbit - The desolation of the Smaug (which I highly reccomend for everyone to watch!) and we got to have some burgers just before we got home!
So yea, here is some pics over how fun we had, especially in the children store, haha!
I just wanted to show you guys how actually tired we were after the shopping when we were in the cinema.. the picture says it all, doesn't it?

Cupcake lip gloss

Hey there!
Last weekend I was busy with cleaning the whole apartment after making a "birthday-party" for John. I was tired and exhausted and John was off for the christmas shopping with his mom so I didn't get any help that day.
Later when John came back home he said he had bought something for me while holding the thing in his hand. I thought to myself: "what is this?? A butterfly or something??", then when he opened his hands it was this cute tiny cupcake lipgloss! 
It felt like all that work was totally worth for something adorable like this. After all it is the tiny things that can totally bright up our day. ♥
Tomorrow we are off for some christmas shopping and watching The Hobbit! 

Cooking is tiring

Tired, I am so tired right now.  
After 2 ½ hour of making dinner that inclueded homemade- meatballs and mashed potatoes. I didn't expect it to take it so long, and I think the ingredients is not the same as they are in sweden. So it was hard to get the consistency but the tast was easier to score.
Okay now I am going to bed, alot need to be done tomorrow..
Good night you all!

Quote #13


Keep positive

Eavning walk through brussels
Who would have thought that life is easy?
Why did you think as a young child that growing up would be so fun and exciting? 
I can imagine that the human race need to be kept busy in order to not focus on the negative things in our lives. We were build to work, to think, well.. to live our lives.
The problem with me is that I want to do so many things before it is tolate (with that I mean before I get too old), but it only stresses me up and I end up doing nothing. I need structure and diciplin - do one thing at the time. It is an old habit, I need to do as many things at possible and be as perfect as it can be. But I am not capable to do it, it is very few that do.
People say that it will always be a new day tomorrow.

The birthdayparty

Man, I am not good when it comes to taking pictures of people. I always trying to be discrete and take as few pictures as possible so people won't be annoyed. So I end up with having very few and blurry pictures. 
Well here is the result of the few pictures I took and that looked good aswell. (By the way, it was excellent food I think that was the best part of the whole eavning)

Birthday party!

My outfit for tonight
In a couple of minutes we are going to John's parents place to celebrate his and his dads birthday. I feel very excited because we are going to have sushi, lamm and chocolate cake. Mmm...
Anyways I don't have so much to say for now, so I see you next time!

Having fun in Photoshop

Today I found my love for Photoshop again and my oh my it is fun!
However it takes time before you are satisfied with the picture. This time I even took a few steps further with changing eye colour (it is my actual colour, I just removed the brown colour that is around my pupil), removing my birthmark and the hardest part of them all, remove all the hair from my face! Man, it took a long time until it looked natural.
This picture may not be perfect, but I am still happy over the result. Hoping to do some more projects in the future though!

Should I or should I not?

You guys? I need a piece of advise here..
I don't know if I should give up the blogging thing since I rarely blog anyways? The thing is when I do it, I enjoy it so much. It makes me happy, it gives me inspiration, it's telling about my life.
The problem is, like I said before, that I don't always have the time or the inspiration.
So what do you think?
Should I continue even the risk of me only blogging like twice a month? Or should I give it a break?

Previous weekend

Good eavning to you!
For once it was some good weather last weekend. The sun was shining and a light breezing wind was passing by. Very unusual for Belgium I have to say. Therefor I couldn't hold myself inside so me and John went out for a nice walk in the park.
And for buying some waffles...