Sleepy cats and dogs

 We are all sleepy time to time..

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I think I am going crazy

Yesterday I just couldn't blog because I can't sleep normally anymore when I have my rash. Let me explain how I got this.
Last friday morning I noticed how it started to itch everywhere on my body. I thought it was probably just because it is getting colder and the air is getting dryer, so I smeared some lotion on where it itched. It helped for a few hours, but then it came back. Out of insanity I started to scratch it and it start to burn, get red and get warm. I also get those bumps that you get after a musquito bite.
I tried to go through a list of the possible reasons I got this in the first place:
• I have not tried/wear new/old make-up.
• I have not washed my face with some harsh soap.
• I have not tried anything different when it comes to food (except for snails).
• I have used old sheets (and clothes) and changed to new ones.
• My skin is not dry
• I have showered
.. the list can be made long..
The only possible way this happened, that would make most sense is:
• I am allergic to something (but who knows what?)
• It is something psychological
If someone has any treatment for this, please tell me. So far I am using cold wet towels to calm my skin which helps for about 3 hours.
How I feel right now + looks kind of similar of what I have now. Now it is just on my neck and on my face (picture from mexico)

Herpa derp

While looking through pictures I found these:
I have no idea what we are doing, but we seemed to have very fun at that night.

Trying snails

Yup, you read correctly: I have tried eating snails today! Because John came up with the idea that I should try something new (because I like to do that time to time).
As it started to be dinner time we toasted some bread and put the snails with garlic butter in the oven for 10 min. Then we took them out from the shell and put it on the bread.
My thoughts about this? Well, the taste is not bad, it's actually non-existent and the texture reminds me of mushrooms but chewier. This is really not my thing but I can see why it can be tasty for some people.

I love our fridge

I love our new fridge that we got in May. It will keep my food preserved for ages without going bad! Not like our old fridge that made my vegetables moldy within 4 days, a overfreezing pocket so I had to defrost it often and oh yeah, let's not forget the troubles with closing the door and the freezing pocket door!

You go Hot Coco!

It is fall time: Bad weather, darker times, warmer clothes and having a cold. John has already caught the cold, I however haven't, but doubt I will get away from it. 
Even though it may be dark and hard times now, I am still going to enjoy my hot chocolates!


One of the other day I was in bed, being bored and scrolling through for fun apps and games on my phone. Then I stumble upon this app called "Duolingo" where you can learn a language for free while it being enjoyable! 
Basically it is like a game that is divided by levels that you have to master. Once you have mastered one level you can move on to the next one. But watch out! If you make too many mistakes you have to wait until the next day you can play again.
So yeah, I am trying to learn dutch by myself now, and maybe I will learn some other languages while I am on the go anyways, haha :)

Me and my bad humor

Lately I haven't felt so good in my belly with cramps and such. So sitting on the toilet has been something I do quite often.
Speaking of that I found a suiting picture of a cat, that I cat stop laughing about. I think I have to sleep more..


I can't wait until I do more awesome trips like this ♥

Being creative

I have a double feeling with the picture on the top. I really like it at the same I find it weird. However later I figured:
"With art nothing is seen as weird, it is just ART"

Russian sad cat

I have 3 things I want to say about this:
 I want this cat
 I need more cats 
 I am addicted to cats
Proffesion in future: Crazy cat lady