Hello sickness

Here I am laying in my bed, exhausted by the small amount of sleep I got from yesterday night. My body was aching, my head was pounding because of my horrible headache and I caughed and sneezed every 5-10 min or so. Uuuah! Absoloutly horrible!
I think I should try to go to my last lesson I have today, already missed one and feel bad enough for that. Good thing that I only had two lessons today but they are pretty long so I will probably faint on the bed when I come back home.
Instead of showing you a red-nosed girl with messy hair, here is some before-and-after pictures since my sister helped me dye my hair. Pretty happy with the result, thank you siss!

New beginning

Hello there people!
I have the announcement to tell you that from now on my blog will be completely in english. Since I realised my swedish didn't work out on this blog I thought I might just as well practise on my english. My vocabulary needs to get better now when I am reading psychology in dutch at university. Yea I know it is kind of pointless to write in english if I need to learn dutch, but you know, you always need a back-up plan if you need to explain things in english.
Anyways I will be back with more blogposts like the way it used to. This time I might be a little more busy with studies, so it may not be something every single day.
Ps. Feel free to still comment in swedish!