Pink and red

When I was in the in Sweden I decided to buy some lipstick to my empty collection. So I tried them on and played around with it since it was such good lighting in the apartment this morning.
Dusty rose - MaxFactor
Up all night - H&M

Be unique

We have all complexes about our bodies, wether we think/have wrinkles or a pouting belly. There is no "perfect ideal" like in the magazines that many of us think. I have, myself, problems with not comparing me with others, but after watching this video I started to think a little different..

To Antwerp!

Last thuesday me and John went to see our friends in Antwerp (Antwerpen in dutch). We had a wonderful time where we played games, went out eating at Amadeus and explored Antwerp further more. 
It was lots of fun and well, I think the pictures is just going to speak for themselfs.
Sitting on the second floor!
Trainstation of antwerp.
Tomorrow I am off to see my sister in the south of sweden so there will probably not be any blogposts if I know myself right. 
So I guess I see you all on sunday, or something.. :)


The last couple of days I have dragged myself to do something with my life and not only just sit around. Getting to the gym has been a challenge and I think it will stay in that way for another couple of weeks before I will start to enjoy it. 
But today I have really done nothing. Tried to eat some chocolate to get some energy but nope, I am still a couchpotato..
Tasty chocolatebar though..

Journal completed

Now my notepads are completed and I am so pleased with the result.
For a long time I have had no idea what to do with this journal since it is a bit special, but now it is going to fullfill it's purpose by being my exercise notepad!
The journal in it's completed form.


I am starting to get really motivated with my weekly workouts, so today I was thinking: 'why not record them all to see my progress?' 
So what I did was I took a journal (that I didn't know what to do with anyways) and started to decorate the cover so it would be more personal. And Voilà! Now it has this cute layout that I can't wait to use!
And here we have the before and after!
The life I am living right now is the way I have always dreamt of living. Now I have the time to be creative in Photoshop, crafting, cooking, photographing and so on. But except all that I think I have found my interest of exercising entertaining/fun like I have wished for over 7 years.
"Good things will happen for those who wait."

Pizza time!

After coming home from the gym today I threw myself on the couch and didn't move for the rest of the day.
I don't know why but I feel so incredible tired and hungry on everything that is unhealthy right now.
Because of all this, we decided to order pizza from Pizza Hut that delivers to our door. Oh, the luxery! 
Pizzas: Hamburger, Chicken twist (with an amazing garlic saus) and Zalmon.

Getting stuff done

Around two hours ago the caretaker took care of all our troubles in the apartment. We had problems with the doorhandle to the toiletroom (so basically you couldn't close the door without getting locked in), the toilet was leaking, two outlets was broken and the fridge was a total mess. Because of the bad conditioned fridge (it is from the 70's) we are getting a new one! YES! 
It was kind of funny the way we both tried to communicate with each other though. We pointed on the things and used a few words that we knew in each other languages (he spoke french). But somehow we managed to understand each other anyways. I guess that the body language will always come in handy!
Now I am off to the gym!
The picture is yesterday's session on the bike. Man, I could not walk down on the stairs after that, without feeling like soft spaghetti, haha!
Ps. Sorry for the weird text. Sometimes it decides to be a size bigger than the normal size..


After years of uncertainty I have finally got myself a sportscard. Having it in my hand makes me excited yet scared. I know how easily I give up when it comes to training, I convince myself I have too much pain, too tired, too little time and so on. 
This time though I hope it will be diffirent and that I made the right choice so I won't waste my money for nothing.
One card is meant for the gym and the other one for swimming.
It was not meant for me to have the swimming at first but the lady that fixed it for me misunderstood and thought I wanted the full package. Ow well, now there is no going back.