On the road again

Sometimes it is hard to throw yourself back to reality. Just finding your way back on the road you were on before, you know? If that is the road you should be on that is..
Yeah, like always I have a lot on my mind that i need to figure out.

Summer and hard decisions

The summer vibes has come back to Belgium for some reason. So wearing jeans and/or a jacket is a big NO-NO. 
In other news, we have looked up a dutch course for me that I can join, but was really nothing that I expected. It is far away, it costs a lot of money and so on. I am starting to feel so tired that everything has to be so difficult because no matter what I choose it doesn't really feel right. 
I just want to make the right decision that can make me the most happy.

There and back again

Hi there!
Now I am back again in Belgium so the blogging will come more frequently than before.
So what has happened since I got here? Oh, well I got photographed for a newspaper when I was in the gym, sweaty and red I was. It couldn't get any prettier *sigh*.
For now I have to continue cleaning our apartment since we are getting our friends over here tonight. See you around!