When life is though

*Listening to music and writing down my dreams*
Sometimes it feels like life is hopeless, like there is only one way to go and you have to go there no matter if you like it or not. Yes, I am talking about my studies and the difficulty of living in another country.
It feels sad when the belgian students does not want to be a friend of you just because you are not speaking the dutch well enough. I don't mind being diffirent but I don't want to be secluded because I am. Things like this brings me down - makes me want to give up even though I find psychology so interesting. 

Skiing trip - Part 2

We have arrived at Saint Martin de Belleville!
Aw, seeing snow is like falling in love all over again. Yet it wasn't as much snow I had expected, but I guess it was a little less after the snow had melted a little bit.
So what we started doing while our room/apartment was getting ready, we did grocery shopping, went for a late lunch and got our ski's. 

Skiing trip - Part 1

On our way..
Like many of you have requested, I am now going to show you the pics from the skiing trip. Since there is some pictures to show, I will devide it in few parts. So yea, let's begin!
One of the few plane rides that I have been to, have I never been so amazed over the incredible view from the plane's window. Words and pictures can't explain it - you just have to be there.
Time to get the taxi that will take us 2 hours until we arrive at our hotel..
..and the enviroment couldn't get less interesting after what I saw from the plane!
I'll see you next time!