Being creative

I have a double feeling with the picture on the top. I really like it at the same I find it weird. However later I figured:
"With art nothing is seen as weird, it is just ART"

I need a haircut

I have come to a point where I have started to really enjoy the long hair that I have right now. I mean okay, I do want to have a liiiittle longer than I have now. Like the length on the pictures here, but curly. 
Next summer, it will be PERFECT!
The hair is still in a very dry condition though, so I need to cut a little bit off. Aaaand since I am at the hairdresser anyways I have had ideas in doing something different with it. Perhaps hombre? Or a popping colour? 
Pictures taken from the party, last saturday

Pink and red

When I was in the in Sweden I decided to buy some lipstick to my empty collection. So I tried them on and played around with it since it was such good lighting in the apartment this morning.
Dusty rose - MaxFactor
Up all night - H&M