Sometimes I think I should lower my sugar intake and try to only eat sweets in the weekends (I think I have gotten a little too addicted to it actually). However baking is so fun and you can make it look so pretty!
Well, except the thing that I made today, it look more like a molded cake, haha! (It tasted really good though, even if the vanilla cream had "disappeared" in to the cinnamon roll.)
It is supposed to be sort of cinnamon rolls but with vanilla cream and marsipan filling that you then squish together in a pan. In other words, "Butterkaka" like we call it in swedish.
You can find the recipe here (Swedish text only)


Cakepops are really so easy to do and it barely takes any time to make them either.
This is what you need:
Philadelphia cheese
Cake of your choice
Sticks (I used barbeque sticks that I cut in half)
I had a "left-over" cake that I used so the measuring of the ingredients is just a guess.
Start with crumbling your cake by dividing the cake in two and shred them to each other.
It should look something like this.
Add the Philadelphia to the cake and mix it with your hands. Start with little Philadelphia at first, everything should just get combined to a settled "dough".
Start shaping them into balls and put them later in the freezer for 30 min to firm up. Then re-roll them for the nice round finish.
Dip the sticks in chocolate and put them halfway in the cakepops. Then put it in the freezer again for another 10 min. This will help the cakepops to stay on the sticks when you cover them in chocolate.
Dip and roll them in chocolate and tap the access off by tapping it on the stick. Sprinkle over your favorite sprinkels over the cakepops! ♥
Good luck!