Bad humor when you are tired

This is what you end up watching when you are tired and want to do something else than studying..

My day routine

If there is something that I don't get it is where all the time goes.
My daily routine is basicly like this:
› Wakes up at 08:30
› Start school at 10.00 (takes 25 min to walk from home)
› Stop school at 16.00
› Home between 16.30 - 17.00 (depending if I do grocerys)
› Checks mails, facebook, posts from school quickly
› Start studying 17.30 
› Start to fix dinner at 19.00
› Dinner time (as soon I am done)
› Relaxing between 30-60 min from starting eating
› From 20.30 or 21.00 I start studying again
› Bed time at 22.30 or 23.00
Somewhere around my breaks I should have time for some blogging but my brain is so exhausted from school and all I want to do is relax. I even feel sad over how little photos I take nowdays. During this weekend we were at John's aunts place, but I didn't take any pictures unfortunally. 
Feels like I am growing up way too quickly since I don't have the free time as I used to.
Old pictures from this summer.

Hard work

Long time no see don't you think?
I have been busy with my mind, life and work. And like my mom always say: "As long I don't hear anything from you, I assume everything is fine." Which is kind of true.
So what have happened for me now lately? Well, I will tell you everything in the short version:
• My knee has been healing fine since last I wrote a post about it. I can finally walk normally again and it is a nice crust protecting it. So, thank you for all the advices!
• I had a nervous break-down when it came to my studies. Almost not knowing any dutch is a huge challenge to actually understand what you are doing in class. Luckely with some support from family and John I will still give it a try.
• I had some really strong coffie at my friends place which led to nausea and a lot of shaking.
• John and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary last saturday with some friends at our regular sushi place and then we took a drink at an irish bar. 
 PE = Psychologie en educatiewetenschappen
Now it is time for a shower, tomorrow I will go with some friends for some free breakfast at the school! See you next time!


 Why is things like this happening to me? And most of all, why now?
Let me tell you a little story of what happened to me yesterday evening.
I have just finished school and was about to say good bye to my friend before we went to our own homes. As soon as I turned around to walk home my brain was realizing I was falling. I tried to get control of my feet but it didn't work and the next second I was on the ground.
I know this story sound a bit blurry, but I hardly know what happened for myself. I think tumbled over the cobblestone street (kullerstensgata) after I walked on the "normal" asphalt. It happened so fast, I was just shocked when I was on the ground with burning pain on my knee and on my hands.
It is little tragic to write this on my blog, but I also need help from you what to do about my knee?
What I have done so far is that i have cleaned it with water, disinfected it and then put a bandage. This morning I took it off to let it breathe and now it has become a crust (look at the last picture). I have also troubles bending my knee since it feels like a huge bruise, so in other words I have troubles walking.
What else should I do? Or not do? Please leave a comment or e-mail me over your answers, it would help me out a lot!
I hate the fact that I have to buy new jeans after this accident.. :(

Getting settled

Hours after hours had we built diffirent kind of furnitures and it never seem to end.
You really have to read the instructions from IKEA carefully so you wouldn't have to do everything from scratch again. However we did a great job and I am very satisfied over how it turned out!
The final result of the apartment will be shown here soon!

Apartment before

I know that some of you have asked me to show some pictures of our apartment and here it is! Well, this is the apartment without furnitures (will show them in another post) but I thought it could be interesting too!

A day at IKEA

I don't know if I am just getting older or if I am just into furnitures and decorations. Every time I enter IKEA it feels like I am in a fairytale. I get so much inspiration and start dreaming about how my perfect apartment/house will look like in the future.
Unfortunally we didn't have that much time on IKEA so I just took some quick photos while we were there. However we got to eat some swedish food with meatballs, brownsauce, lingonsylt and some fries. Yea okay, the fries is not so swedish but it was pretty tasty anyways!


If there is something I never get bored doing, it's cooking! New ideas come up everyday and some are very impulsive, which I like. Maybe I should start writing down my recipes so I can do them again later in life and maybe even share it with you! ;)
This is some nice carbonara with capellini (not spagehetti) me and John made last night. For you who don't know: Capellini is alot thinner than spaghetti and also has the chance to get more sticky. Therefore it is great when it comes to runny sauces.