This my friends, is a Cronut.
Cronut is a new invention from America (surprised?) by a guy called Dominique Ansel living in New York.
 It is a mash up between a Croissant and a Donut filled with custerd inside and icing on the top. The cronut is deep-fried so the calorie intake is up to 500 kcal! 
I am quite curious making this.. looks just as deadly good as the apple snow white had.
Recept: Hemlagade Cronuts
Here is the Source I found it from.
And here is the Recipie for you who would like to give it a try.
DISCLAIMER! The source + recipie is unfortunally only in swedish.


My exam period has just started and stress is overflowing in my life. I hope I can do this, and that this course/program (or whatever you want to call it) was the right thing to do. 
It is not always fun to grow up with hard decisions on the top of our head. However that, in the end, makes us grow to what we are today.


Cakepops are really so easy to do and it barely takes any time to make them either.
This is what you need:
Philadelphia cheese
Cake of your choice
Sticks (I used barbeque sticks that I cut in half)
I had a "left-over" cake that I used so the measuring of the ingredients is just a guess.
Start with crumbling your cake by dividing the cake in two and shred them to each other.
It should look something like this.
Add the Philadelphia to the cake and mix it with your hands. Start with little Philadelphia at first, everything should just get combined to a settled "dough".
Start shaping them into balls and put them later in the freezer for 30 min to firm up. Then re-roll them for the nice round finish.
Dip the sticks in chocolate and put them halfway in the cakepops. Then put it in the freezer again for another 10 min. This will help the cakepops to stay on the sticks when you cover them in chocolate.
Dip and roll them in chocolate and tap the access off by tapping it on the stick. Sprinkle over your favorite sprinkels over the cakepops! ♥
Good luck!

Apartment after

Okay, here is the pictures of the complete apartment with furnitures and all. (Sorry for the big delay..)
I will explain through the pictures what everything is.
So here we have the kitchen, kind of the first thing you see when you enter the apartment.
To the left there is a oven on the top and a microwave on the bottom. Here in Belgium you often have to buy a separate oven since the gas stove is just placed on the bench.. you can see here.
Another thing that is very normal over here is that the pantry (skafferi in swedish) is "open". It's not "hidden" like it is in Sweden for an example.
Now we are in the living room/bedroom. And I think the picture explain mostly everything.
The desk to the left is John's and the one to the right is mine. Mine was meant to be a dinner table but nowdays we eat always on the couch, hahaha ;) Oh, student life..
Now we are in the last room, the bathroom.
Yeah I know it is a bit messy in here.
The toilet room that is separate room from the bathroom. 
If you want to watch the pictures from how the apartment looked before, klick here.

Oh Christmas Tree

Instead of a star on the top we have a santa! 
(Yea okay, we need more christmas decorations but this is the only thing we had.)
I have realised that we still have our christmas tree in the apartment while all the other people have thrown theirs out. I don't even what to do with this one.. we would like to plant it somewhere outside however having something alive in our apartment is also kind of nice.
Seems like this one is going to stay here until the summer..

The evolution of The Smörgåstårta!

Yesterdays fun was placed in the kitchen making a Sandwich cake aka Smörgåstårta!
It was so much fun making it, I love being creative and it is even more fun if you can share your result with someone. So here is ALOT of pictures explaining step by step over how I did it.
I want to thank my mom for sending with me some swedish goodies! If it wasn't for you I couldn't make and enjoy these wonderful things! ♥

Life comes with hard decisions

For some people life starts when they are 20, for me it seems more like it took a break..
In the previous post that I made earlier today I told you that I have been thinking about my life over what I want to do with my life. My thought right now is if I want to continue the psychology class in dutch because it is so hard. But in the same time it is so interesting. Perhaps I will take a step down and only ready dutch.. ugh I am really not sure.
So yesterday evening I sat down started to write a list - A list over my dreams. It gives me passion and motivation to strive for my goals/dreams. Maybe somewhere in my list I will find my path to what I want to do. Time will tell I guess..

Swedish breakfast

Sorry once again for not posting something for a while, but I have been relaxing and thinking over what I should do with my life. I'll explain that little later today..
What I actually wanted to say in this blogpost is that we (at least I am) are enjoying a nice swedish breakfast that includes Norrgott (swedish butter) and caviar . Oh Yum.. John however does not fancy it that much so he complains about how much it stinks instead ;)
And yes it is some cakepops in the background, I will post that also later!