Miss you siss!

This is two sisters in their natural habitat.. or? ;)
(This was one of the best pictures we had together, so then you can guess how the other turned out.)
Anyways, it was awhile ago since this was taken, but it doesn't mean that I have forgotten about how fun we had. So basically what I wanted to say is, thank you Tess for coming over it was a lot of fun!
Hope the rest of you can come and visit me soon too! :)

Sis säger:

Hjälp! Vi behöver bli bättre på att ta bilder :) Miss U 2! Kram

Svar: haha, ja kanske det ;) vi måste anlita en fotograf! hehe.. kramar!
Rebecca Nyman

2014-05-05 | 18:39:08

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