Tess visiting Belgium

Since I don't have anything fresh to talk about or show, I am going to show you a short sum up on what we did.
Typical street in Brussels.
To the left: A central part in Brussels called De brockeré.
To the right: Famous old market called Grand Place.
Brussels has a lot of beautiful buildings.
To the Left:  Also the statues is very well made.
To the right: Guard (not sure what he is guarding)
I went a little bit crazy on my waffle topping. This was also our lunch that was more stuffing than you think.
To the right: Restaurant street.
To the left: Belgium is surely known for it's magnificent chocolate.
To the right: Church called Cathédrale St Michel & Gudule.
To the left: On our way to eat!
We went to a plase called Cheesecake Café. The cheesecakes is not super good but the enterior is very cozy and the staff is friendly. They also have great food for a decent price!
Tess stands for the photographing for these pictures.


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