I think I am going crazy

Yesterday I just couldn't blog because I can't sleep normally anymore when I have my rash. Let me explain how I got this.
Last friday morning I noticed how it started to itch everywhere on my body. I thought it was probably just because it is getting colder and the air is getting dryer, so I smeared some lotion on where it itched. It helped for a few hours, but then it came back. Out of insanity I started to scratch it and it start to burn, get red and get warm. I also get those bumps that you get after a musquito bite.
I tried to go through a list of the possible reasons I got this in the first place:
• I have not tried/wear new/old make-up.
• I have not washed my face with some harsh soap.
• I have not tried anything different when it comes to food (except for snails).
• I have used old sheets (and clothes) and changed to new ones.
• My skin is not dry
• I have showered
.. the list can be made long..
The only possible way this happened, that would make most sense is:
• I am allergic to something (but who knows what?)
• It is something psychological
If someone has any treatment for this, please tell me. So far I am using cold wet towels to calm my skin which helps for about 3 hours.
How I feel right now + looks kind of similar of what I have now. Now it is just on my neck and on my face (picture from mexico)


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