One of the other day I was in bed, being bored and scrolling through for fun apps and games on my phone. Then I stumble upon this app called "Duolingo" where you can learn a language for free while it being enjoyable! 
Basically it is like a game that is divided by levels that you have to master. Once you have mastered one level you can move on to the next one. But watch out! If you make too many mistakes you have to wait until the next day you can play again.
So yeah, I am trying to learn dutch by myself now, and maybe I will learn some other languages while I am on the go anyways, haha :)

Tess säger:

Spännande! Kanske jag skulle försöka lära mig spanska.. ;)

Svar: haha, ja kanske det. eller öva på franskan?
Rebecca Nyman

2014-10-22 | 09:37:18

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