Full disk space

It feels like the only thing I do is to sortate my computer but somehow it just refills instantly. I mean I do take a lot of pictures and it ends up being only 10 pictures that is actually worth keeping (out of 100 pics). 
Sortating pics is just the most boring thing you can do.. and I have pictures from the summer of 2013 that still remains unsortated. So unless I start taking this seriously and start sortating I guess no new pictures will be coming up.. heh.
Yeah, this was so interesting to read, I know.. ;)
1,83 GB left..

Sis säger:

Extern hårddisk? heh.. :)

Svar: mjoo, jag har en. men det känns lika bra att rensa nu så har man det gjort. sen när man har rensat klart för jag över till den såklart ;)
Rebecca Nyman

2014-11-19 | 08:54:47

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