Muffins in the microwave

Sweets, you can never have too much sweets.
My cravings for sweets come and goes (I am a sweed, it is higly important in the diet to have sweets) and living without a oven makes it almost impossible to bake anything by yourself.
So I started to look if there was any chance to make some sweet goodies without an oven and what I found was Micro muffins! Hurray I thought! Only 3 min away in the microwave to have some hot muffins..
And this is how it turned out:
 I have no electrical-wisk and no real measuring cups
("hint hint" for christmas-presents..)
Here in belgium they have the cutest mini-butters I have ever seen!
(Do they have this is sweden?)
Hand whisking egg and sugar is though!
 Chop chop chop..
Here I mixed cinnemon, sugar and apples together.
I decided in the end making 2 batches: One with apples and the other without.
Just in case if they would turn bad
My first attempt turned out like this. 
I think I had to much batter in the cupcakes forms..
Second attempt was alot better! 
However  the recommended 3 min is a little bit too long. They became dry in the middle.
And here you can see the diffirence.
The one to the left is with apples and the one to the right is without.
My conclusion: 
+ Easy to make
+ Only takes 20 min or less until you have some fresh muffins
+ Very entertaining to watch it rise in the microwave
− Doesn't tastes just as good as they do when they come from the oven
For the full recipe in swedish, klick here.


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